My First 3D Movie: Life of Pi


To be truth, I’ve never read the book. But according to my friend, it was a very good book, and it must have been.

When I watched it, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” and Tom Hank’s “Castaway”; A journey to conquer the sea, adhere to the hope, and discover one’s courage. All of them are great story of a lifetime and no wonder this book was made it into the big screen.

I like the visualization so much. And the fact that I watched it in 3D is just made it more perfect! Everything seemed so real and beautiful. You shouldn’t miss the interactions between Pi with the ocean. The night views were so perfect. I am always a big fans of ocean. And this movie just proved my thought about its greatness and mysteriousness. I think these parts are the most anticipated scenes by the reader because they were just beyond imagination (maybe a little bit overrated, here ;P). The interaction between Pi and the tiger was also looked so real. I could not even tell if its just computer graphic or a real tiger acted as Richard Parker. It was so much alive there.  Overall, the journey was incredible!

The shortcoming of this movie was the very slow tempo. I could imagine how enjoyable this story would be if I read it in middle of the day on the weekend with the warm sunshine coming through my window. But as a movie, if you are a fans of action or thriller movie, you would definitely fall asleep while waiting for Pi catching the fish or writing on his note. I watched it with 10 friends, and I was sure more than 4 of them were even hardly open their eyes in some part of the movie. It did not apply to me, though.

What touch me so much from the story was the other “part” of the journey that Pi told to the Japanese investigators when they pushed him to tell the truth. This journey could be  began with a very tragic and frustrating story if it really happened according to that second version. And maybe it was fact that happened. But, if I were asked which story I would prefer, I would definitely choose the story of the boy and the tiger.

I believe we all have a tiger, sleeping within our heart, and when the time comes, when you want and need your courage the most, you will be able to bring it to life.





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