Face it!

You should really stop thinking that YOU WOULD WORK HARDER TOMORROW! PLEASE!

If you’re not gonna start today, how can you expect that tomorrow will be different???

Come on! You’re not gonna think that you are that stupid, right?! Deceiving yourself.


Seriously, do you know what you got from what you did?

Just a more difficult tomorrow

And you know what? Just stop making excuse that you need more reasons to fight for yourself!

It’s not like your mom’s gonna wear your degree behind her name, it’s not like your father’s gonna buy you a new car once you come back home.

It’s not the reason why you start this journey.


YongGuk wake me up

No one’s gonna come and drag you out of this black hole.

It’s just you.

It’s everyone for himself.



*Sorry for all the caps-locks. I’m just being emotional *O* Peace!


2 pemikiran pada “Face it!

  1. tomorrow??i think NOW is better than TOMORROW!! 😀 let us fight our better future, now, not tomorrow hehee (reflect to myself)

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